Friday, October 14, 2005

Holiday in France

Hi everyone, thought it was time to update my blog, so thought i would tell you all how my holiday went.

I went to Spring Harvest Le Pas Option go to the link and it will tell you all,

I went 5th to the 12th of September. Which was called French House Party, it was aimed at single people, to create new friendships.

The start of the journey was a real nightmare,
wish i took the coach now or someone else drove,
We went in a friends car, which was very uncomfortable.
From the start we noticed that his battery was playing up, he said we would need to top up
his battery, so that was fine, so we drove on to Pease Pottage Services which is in Sussex for those that dont know.
Once the battery had been topped up we were on our way down to Dover, that only took a couple of hours to get to Dover.
We arrived around lunch time so we went to burger king, before getting on the ferry

Once on the ferry we had 2 hours ahead of us, We only went to Calais,
When we arrived in Calais the weather was really nice.
We now had 8 hours driving ahead of us until we arrived at our motel for the night,
The only problem was that when we got going about 4 hours into our journey the car started to have problems, we had broken down for good, we weren't going anywhere,
so we had to call for the Breakdown peope in France,
the only problem was he hadn't arranged for cover out there.
So once we had managed to arrange a lift to pick us up and tow us away.
We were getting quite tired after all the driving we had done that day, and we just wanted to get to our beds asap.

What a nightmare, i so wished we went in a reliable car, not a car that was breaking down all the time,

Once we had been taken to our motel we went straight to bed, we were all so tired.

The photo below is a booking in station, you just put your credit card in and it gives you the sercurity code that you need to put in to get in to the building.

In the morning we got up at 7.30am and had french bread and toast, and a cup of tea.

wasn't to bad, shame it wasn't a proper french breakfast.

This is where we stayed, for the night, it was so hot and humid even at 11pm, the rooms were so hot, if we had opened the window all the flies would had come straight in, there was no net or anything to stop any insects coming in, it was about 19.c so i should had changed in to some shorts, oh well,

Anyways thats it for today, i'll keep you all in suspence, ill prepare the next day and put it on soon, have a good one.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Dream

I may never get this, but i can still dream, my Dad had a 60 ft yacht when he was younger and before he got married, i have seen photos of it and it looks so nice, i really like boats,
If i had the money i would buy one right now and take it across the oceans.
When my Dad got married he had to sell it as he couldnt afford to get married and have his boat, plus wanted to buy a house so needed to get rid of it, ever since i had seen the photos of my Dads boat i so wanted one, i used to draw designs of boats that i wanted to make as a model boat, unfortunatly i couldnt afford to get the supplies that i needed to make it,
So as the years went on i had to just imagine what it would be like to have a yacht of my own, and to this very day i would love to have one, but thats the future, you just dont know where your end up in 10, 20 years do you,

I have got some information together for anyone who is interested in boats, your find this really cool,

Sunseeker 75 Yacht

Length (LOA): 120ft 5ins, Beam: 25ft 8ins, Draft: 7ft 3ins , Engine: Twin Range of options, Fuel: Diesel, Hull: Planing GRP, Berths (crew / owner and guest): up to 8/from 8 to 10

Top Level

Middle Level

Bottom Level

Here are some pictures of the interior of this boat,

Hope this is ok as a post, its just that i really would like one off these,

I know i wont ever get one but i can still dream.

Please tell me about your dreams and any passions you have in life, like mine are boats.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Random Photo

poor little teddy, shouldn't had turned his back on the murderer.

Hes now stuck in the back...

knife in the back of a teddy Posted by Picasa

Daves Pink Elephant

Daves Elephant Posted by Picasa

This is the present we got for Dave, as he always goes on about the pink elephant.

Hope you like it Dave.

What do you have to say?

Animal jokes......

Here are a few jokes:

Dog Phone

The British Phone System It is common practice in England to ring a telephone by signaling extra voltage across one side of the two wire circuit and ground (earth in England). When the subscriber answers the phone, it switches to the two wire circuit for the conversation. This method allows two parties on the same line to be signaled without disturbing each other. Anyway, an elderly lady with several pets called to say that her telephone failed to ring when her friends called, and that on the few occasions when it did ring her dog always barked first. The telephone repairman proceeded to the scene, curious to see this psychic dog. He climbed a nearby telephone pole, hooked in his test set, and dialed the subscriber's house. The phone didn't ring. He tried again. The dog barked loudly, followed by a ringing telephone. Climbing down form the pole, the telephone repairman found: 1. A dog was tied to the telephone system's ground post via an iron chain and collar. 2. The dog was receiving 90 volts of signaling current. 3. After several such jolts, the dog would start barking and urinating on the ground. 4. The wet ground now completed the circuit and the phone would ringWhich shows you that some problems can be fixed by just pissing on them.

Cat Heaven

One day a cat dies of natural causes and goes to heaven. Greeting him the Lord says, "You've lived a good life. If there is any way I can make your stay in Heaven more comfortable, please let Me know." The cat thinks for a minute and says "Well, all my life I lived with a poor family and had to sleep on a hard wooden floor..." The Lord stops the cat and says "Say no more!" Just then a wonderful fluffy pillow appears and the cat contentedly wanders off to find a good place to nap. A few days later six mice killed in a tragic farming accident go to heaven. The Lord is there to greet them with the same offer. The mice answer: "All of our lives we've been chased. We've had to run from cats, from tractors, even from that farmer's wife with her broom. We're tired of running..." "Say no more!" The Lord replies. In a flash, eachmouse is fitted with a beautiful new pair of roller skates, and they skate happily off to explore the Heavenly landscape. About a week later The Lord stops by to see the cat and finds him snoozing away. He gently wakes the cat and asks, "How are things since you got here?" The cat stretches, yawns, and replies "Oh, it is wonderful here. I get a lot of great sleep on this pillow, and those Meals On Wheels you've been sending are the BEST!!!"

There was this Fly

There was this fly hovering about 8 inches above the surface of the river, but unbeknown to the fly, just below the surface of the river there was this salmon looking up at the fly thinking, 'If that fly was to come just six inches lower I would leap out of this water and have it for my tea.' But unbeknown to the fish, there was this bear watching it, thinking, 'If that fly was to come just six inches lower, that fish would leap out of the water and take it for its tea, and I could reach out and take that fish for my tea.' But unbeknown to the bear, in the bushes was a hunter with his gun thinking, 'If that fly was to come just six inches lower, that fish would leap out of the water and take it for its tea, that bear would reach out and take that fish for its tea, and I could lean forward with my gun and shoot that bear.' But, unbeknown to the hunter, there was this mouse thinking, 'If that fly was to come just six inches lower, that fish would leap out of the water and take it for its tea, that bear would reach out and take that fish for its tea, that hunter would lean forward with his gun and shoot that bear and I could run between the hunters legs and have his sandwich's for my tea.' But unbeknown to the mouse, there was this cat thinking, 'If that fly was to come just six inches lower, that fish would leap out of the water and take it for its tea, that bear would reach out and take that fish for its tea, that hunter would lean forward with his gun and shoot that bear, that mouse would run between the hunters legs and have his sandwich's for its tea and I could leap onto the mouse and have it for my tea.' Just then the fly dropped six inches, the fish jumped, the bear reached, the hunter leaned, the mouse ran, the cat leaped and missed, falling into the water.
Which only goes to prove that "Whenever a fly drops six inches there is going to be a wet cat"

If you have any other better jokes than these please put them on here.

Right where do i begin, i mean you hear about the bears out in other Countries being treated like slaves, on the end of leads and in cages. I think that is so cruel, they should be allowed to be set free into the wild. Heres a caption i have found:

All states have laws that prohibit cruelty to horses and other animals. Every state makes it a crime to engage in certain cruel acts toward animals. Most states permit the government to seize and destroy or sell an animal that has been found to have been cruelly treated. Many states give a special role to the Humane Society or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Those states make officers of these private associations law enforcement officers, empowered to seek and execute search and arrest warrants, search private property for evidence of cruelty to animals and arrest persons whom they have reason to believe have committed an offense of cruelty to an animal. Many states have recently enacted legislation to protect research facilities from trespass to "liberate" animals in their custody. Other states have increased the punishments for abuse of police or service animals.

Older statutes are directed toward equines as work animals and seek to protect them from overwork and neglect. More recent statutes focus on dogs and cats; they establish pounds, animal control systems, and standards of care. The focus of this section is upon laws dealing with cruelty to horses. So long as a law could be applied to a horse, it is included here. Laws that by their terms cannot be applied to horses--such as laws specifically directed at dogs and cats or laws prohibiting staging fights between animals or fowls--are excluded.
calf being carried.. Posted by Picasa

Animal Cruelty

This is so cruel, the cheetah is on a lead just like a pet. its not right.
What are your views on Animal Cruelty.

This was such a fun day, we had such a good time on the long walk that we went for, we played games too which was good fun, the weather was ok, wasn't that hot but it was just right.
When we got back to the car it just started raining, perfect timing.
The only problem was that when i drove back one of my lights had shortaged out, i thought it was darker than usual, one side went completly.
I got it checked out and the mechanic said my radio had caused the short circuit.

Leith Hill Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lightbulbs......guest blog by Jon

I decided simon needed to put a new post in his blog so he said that I should do it for him because he had no ideas. I told to look at something in the room and I would do a post on it. He choose a lightbulb.

So here are a few lightbulb jokes.........

How many cops does it take to screw n a lightbulb ?
- None. It turned itself in.

How many bankers does it take to screw in a lightbulb ?
- Four. One to hold the bulb, and three to try and remember the combination.

How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a lightbulb ?
- None. Bill Gates wil just redefine Darkness to be the new industry standard.

and here is one of my favourites ......

How many christian scientist does ot take to screw in a lightbulb ?
- None. But it takes at least three to sit and pray for the old one to come back on.

You may have thought you could never have a post on lightbulbs but there you go. Have any of you got any better lightbulb jokes.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Hi my name is Simon, im 23 years old, im a Christian, got baptised when i was 7 years old,
I am involved with the kings church Horsham alot, i do the pa in megamix.

I have recently just started a new job, i am now a I.T engineer, which is really interesting, i have been in the job just over 1 month,

And already i have administrator rights, and also i travel alot too, tomorrow im going to Birmingham with work, the only down side is that i am working over the weekend, oh well the experience will be good for me.

My Hobbies are Model making, i have a r/c boat which i made out of balsa wood.
Fishing, havnt been for a while though, so if you want to go fishing, just let me know.
I would love to join you.

I like to play football, just for a bit of fun. Its a good laugh.

My Favourite phrase is : (Its only a game).

Well i better got on, so hope you like this so far.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Welcome to my Blogg, this is my first one so bare with me thanks.